10. The intermittant sounds of things falling, inside the walls of my office, making me wonder if today is the day the plaster will all fall apart.
9. First-Tuesday and First-Wednesday street cleaning parking restrictions.
8. The neighbor with the filthy kiddie pool of water they haven’t dumped out for like 2 years which is probably festering with mosquito larvae as I type.
7. People having loud, foul-mouthed shouting arguments on the sidewalk. For hours.
6. The truly astounding amount of junk mail I get here. It’s unreal.
5. Noisy-ass neighbors with huge stereos and subwoofers (in cars, or houses) playing crappy music.
4. Stairs.
3. The emphatically non-watertight mailbox that means every time it rains, my mail is a sodden mess.
2. The drafty drafts of draftiness.