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so, remember the part where i ordered dsl, and it was totally easy, and i was in disbelief that it was going to all come off without a fuss? i was sorta right… i finally managed to excavate enough boxes to get access to my desk today, and get the computer set up, and the […]

Tiger likes the view.

Angry cat

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Kiyoshi is cowering in his kitty carrier, being very bitter about everything in general, and me in specific.

a bad idea

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dear everybody, if, in the course of reading this blog, you come away with no other, more helpful information, at least you should know this: i really, really cannot recommend coming down with the evil death flu a day and a half before moving into a new apartment. it is a bad idea. it is […]

so bored of boxes

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4 days! just a little left yet to box up. boxing things up is, as it turns out, sooo boooring. and thursday is shaping up to be quite busy with non-packing: Bank – cash for tipping movers Jewel – bottled water for movers at both apts Clean fridge out and move everything to new apt […]