4 days!

just a little left yet to box up. boxing things up is, as it turns out, sooo boooring. and thursday is shaping up to be quite busy with non-packing:

  • Bank – cash for tipping movers
  • Jewel – bottled water for movers at both apts
  • Clean fridge out and move everything to new apt
  • Drop carload of crap at Brown Elephant
  • Get keys back from cleaning service
  • Get keys back from laundry service

i think i’ll spend basically the whole morning and probably early afternoon on thursday running those errands. (joy!) i’m getting pretty close to being done packing, though — in the kitchen, i just have my cookbooks, wine glasses, and some coffee mugs and plastic tupperware stuff left to go; in the bedroom, my nerdy t-shirt collection which i forgot about due to its being in the bottommost drawer of my chest of drawers; in the computer room, my printer and speakers that can get packed ahead of time, and the computer itself plus networking gear, which goes in last; and my CDs/DVDs, which i have not yet packed on the basis of “i might want to listen to those while packing!” oh, and a little bit of soap stuff yet as well. and the guy is coming by tomorrow after work to disassemble my elliptical. actually, it kinda does sound like a lot of stuff yet. but mostly what really needs doing is cleaning and hauling stuff away to donate it.

everyone keep your fingers crossed that in the next 6 days, someone will (a) lease the apartment and (b) decide to take me up on keeping the air-conditioners, so i don’t have to try and hock them on craigslist, which will inevitably lead to two people bailing on me before the third shows up alone, thus forcing me to help them haul 3 a/c units down two flights of stairs. — i am somewhat surprised and yet not surprised at all that no one has (evidently) leased the place yet. it’s a great place, location-wise, and frankly if you’re only visiting briefly to see about leasing it, you wouldn’t know (as i didn’t know) about the weirdnesses like the shouting neighbors and the OMG so leaky porch roof and the furnace of doom. i wonder if $landlord raised the rent substantially? i certainly wouldn’t pay a grand for this place. and the poor person that does take the place is going to get smacked with some ugly-ass gas bills next winter, especially if the gas rates keep increasing. oh well. not my problem, i suppose… i just hope someone wants to take those air conditioners off my hands!