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i swear to you that, while listening to the radio on my way in to work, i heard “the moviefone guy” on 97.9FM refer to Ron Howard as “pwned” in regards to Cinderella Man. pwned! i am not prepared to have wacky irc-originated internet slang in fluent use by radio morning-show deejays. i’m just not. […]

a pressie for me!

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‘Sabrina, ‘I know you like whiney stuff like Patiohead [sic]. So enjoy this crap too! ‘love, ‘Dan’


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i think the best and most accurate way to sum my current state up is “sincerely and severely hung over.” so. last night. ladytron at metro. fabulous show, really good music. the openers, the presets, were excellent as well. we rocked out a lot. few people in the crowd deigned to so much as shift […]


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m. got kicked out of metro. For committing the sin of dancing, apparently. Well, god forbid we enjoy the dance music. Jeez. Friggin’ Americans.

would it be petty to, on this, the eve of my getting the hell away from her, write a letter to the subwoofer neighbor that just says “I FUCKING HATE YOUR FUCKING SUBWOOFER (AND OH BY THE WAY YOU MOSTLY HAVE SHIT TASTE IN MUSIC)”? for pity’s sakes, she’s playing enya and rattling my walls […]