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It occurs to me, belatedly, that after 2/3 of a bottle of Australian Shiraz is probably not an ideal time to get more rows done on my Mystery Stole 3. dammit. OTOH, it does make both (a) shopping on Peapod and (b) cleaning out my closet much more entertaining.

Rachel likes girly drinks Originally uploaded by sldownard. Five drinks in, and they’re still giving us the good glassware. ETA: I feel compelled to note that Rachel was highly motivated by the potential moblogging of her bosom. In fact, an early version of this photo was vetoed due to its inadequate Rachelbosom quotient. So, please, […]


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m. got kicked out of metro. For committing the sin of dancing, apparently. Well, god forbid we enjoy the dance music. Jeez. Friggin’ Americans.