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guess what i am messing around with at work today? NO, NOT PHOTOSHOP! (ok, maybe a little photoshop.) (inspired by I Can Has Cheezburger?, among others, and IM with b. BTW, if you have no idea WTF a lolcat is, see here. You non-lolcat-knowing loser.)

well, this weekend i went down to peoria to visit some folks and run some essential errands, like hit up co-op (i picked up some used vinyl — Breakfast in America by Supertramp and a couple of Fleetwood Mac records — bite me, i like Fleetwood Mac — and new RJD2 which came with a […]

Never not funny Originally uploaded by sldownard. Sock on kiyoshi’s head! — The great thing about putting socks on kiyoshi’s head is that he just has no idea how to handle it. You can sit there as he’s perfectly still — sometimes with a paw half-raised to swipe at the sock — for a couple […]

Early morning cats Originally uploaded by sldownard. Meow.


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socks! socks! i have achieved two socks! a pair! so i could, like, wear them, and stuff! cue cathedral music and light shining down from the heavens… SOCKS!!!