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Dear god what is on my head??? Originally uploaded by sldownard. She put a sock on my head again. I don’t understand humans.

nothing like a call to the vet to inquire about a possible symptom your cat is exhibiting, resulting in a “you need to bring him in RIGHT NOW” and a zip home followed by mad cat snatching and a zip back downtown to the vet, where the cat is pronounced in good health (for a […]

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found this when walking in to the living room this morning: a cat napping using a bump of my new fiber for a pillow. obviously my failure to put it away last night paid off in cute photo opportunities — at least, until i accidentally woke him up: and speaking of that fiber, it’s spinning […]

so the other day, Tiger started acting strangely. he was being normally social and everything, but he was drinking a lot of water — i mean, a LOT. sunday he drank probably between 2 and 3 cups of water — normal for a cat is 4 oz/day. yesterday while i was at work, he drank […]


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muy rain and wind and generally unpleasant weather == no baseball for niqui tonight after all. i can has burgerlet however: hooray! cheezburger for everybody!