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1) Matzoh ball soup. We used to be able to get this at Finkl’s on S. Financial Pl., but they closed and left a gaping hole in my lunches. 2) Fish and chips. NOWHERE. There is no justice. 3) Chicken schwarma. We used to be able to get this from a place on S. Clark […]

pro: Old things. I love things that are old and falling apart, and frankly, the United Kingdom is riddled with ’em. The tube. I know, it’s just as bad as the CTA when it’s bad, but when it’s good, it’s so much better. Bike lanes separated by curbs! (er, kerbs.) Red Nose Day! Easy access […]

things i still have and use regularly: Bedside lamp from Ikea, 2002, $5. Sony MDR-D33 headphones, 1998, $100. The Concise Oxford French Dictionary, $20, 1987. (though i still have my original copy and use it, despite the embarassingly girlish doodles in it from the fourth grade, i did worry that i was going to wear […]

5. People who cannot tell the difference between similar but different words, such as ‘censure’ and ‘censor,’ and attack someone for doing the one when they are in fact recommending doing the other. ENGLISH, NOT SO HARD REALLY. 4. Discussion, in cliché, of the application of lipstick to anything that does not normally apply lipstick […]

10. The intermittant sounds of things falling, inside the walls of my office, making me wonder if today is the day the plaster will all fall apart. 9. First-Tuesday and First-Wednesday street cleaning parking restrictions. 8. The neighbor with the filthy kiddie pool of water they haven’t dumped out for like 2 years which is […]