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So, everything is a bit topsy-turvy. I’m currently trying to get a position in London through work. If it works out, it will literally be a dream come true. Maybe not necessarily the job (my dream job is, after all, driving a train for the Underground. I don’t think they sponsor visas, though), but certainly […]

Call my friend Paul to go get drinks, because as long as he’s known me he’s known I want to emigrate, and victory calls for beer. Join the Tate (mostly just for the Tate Modern. I’m sure Tate Britain, Liverpool, and St Ives are all great, but srsly. Tate Modern! zomg!) and the London Transport […]

All day I’ve been thinking about this and, to be honest, I’m a little bit leery to put it into a blog post because it might all just be a dream, and it might evaporate if I actually tell people. But. The long story made short: for a very, very long time I’ve wanted to […]

Dream road trip: Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s, follow old Rt. 66 to Los Angeles, stopping at any roadside attraction that looks amusing. Drive up the coast along Highway 1 and then Rt. 101 to Seattle. Turn right, take I-90 back home. Breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s again, and this time, eat more beignets. Total length: about […]

I did something for the first time ever tonight: I bought a lottery ticket. Sure, I’ve done the little scratch-off ones when people have bought them as gifts for me, and when my mom played lotto when I was a kid sometimes she’d let me pick numbers and fill in the little scantron form, but […]