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a busy day

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5 July 2006 Dear $DIRECTOR, I am resigning my position as Senior System Programmer for NSIT/NAS as of Wednesday, the 19th of July, 2006. I have enjoyed my time at the University and feel privileged to have taken part in the work we have accomplished together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be […]


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dear white sox, attn: mark buehrle: you may be an all-star, but you’re also a schmuck. (i still love you … but i had to sit through sunday’s game and you’re still a schmuck.) — attn: brandon mccarthy: brandon, honey, quit making me sad like a little puppy dog who just got kicked by someone […]

oh my.

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that was a fine show. i very much enjoyed the new material; that was exciting, and of course there was plenty of old material to enjoy as well. i had a marvellous time, and i’m so glad i spent the money on the ticket so that i could go see them play again. i’d write […]

stop the madness!

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dear white sox: i love you a lot, but i’ll love you a lot more if you stop with the sucking. seriously, kansas city?!?!? criticism means i love you, –sabrina. p.s. yes, i know we’re, like, barely done with the first week of the regular season. still doesn’t mean i wanna listen to either cleveland […]

Dear Democrats:

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niqui is so not pleased with recent turns of events. get your asses in gear, you lazy shits! no love, –sabrina.