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Dear Space Aliens

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dear space aliens, look, just because you took back Space Alien Buehrle is no reason to give us Space Alien Jose Contreras. i’m just sayin’. *facepalm*, –sabrina

Scott Merkin: “We’re going to stay with Mr. Danks,” said Guillen with a smile, revealing the news during his postgame press conference. “It was a long conversation. I think the way he throws the ball in Spring Training, he earned that spot. We all like the way he went about his business and was pretty […]

Dear United States Postal Service: You may or may not know this, but I generally try not to be “that” customer. You know the one. The one who calls screaming if something is a day later than promised, demanding remuneration. The one who writes furious letters about how you ruined Christmas because you should deliver […]

it is easy to buy my vote

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ctaalerts: Blue [line subway] at 6mph Div[ision] -> Grand until furth notice. Dear All Chicago Mayoral Candidates: I’ll vote for whichever one of you will let me punch Frank Kruesi in the face. love, –sabrina

note to self

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dear sabrina: when bill calls you up and demands to know if you are watching the sox game, and you put it on and learn that freddy garcia is in the process of throwing what will turn out to be seven and two thirds perfect innings, do not think to yourself, “this would be a […]