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So a little over a week ago, I was reading some random news article — can no longer find the URL, otherwise I’d provide it, sorry — that was revealing the shocking news that, in a study done on (IIRC) college football players, if they got up to 10 hours of sleep, they performed much […]

a lazy, lazy weekend

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I didn’t have any significant, massive homework to fret about, so … I kinda just kicked back and relaxed this weekend. Mostly. I mean, Friday night and hung out with some friends and then walked about a mile and a half home, the latter mile of which was through the throngs of Lolla-attending suburbanites heading […]

So a few days ago Tiger started sneezing. A lot. Like, two-three-four sneezes in a row, intermittantly. I figured he’d get over it (and if it went on N days we’d go to the vet). And he did get over it just fine. He’s pretty much OK now, just the odd sneeze every once in […]

leave work at 5:20. walk to CVS to pick up cat’s prescription. walk to ace hardware to look for and buy a replacement washer and linchpin to fix my grocery cart’s broken wheel. walk to jewel to buy fresh produce. walk to convenience store and buy a sixer of Goose Island. home, drinking said Goose […]

so a while ago, they disabled my apartment’s balcony to do some repairs — the original railings were installed wrong, so they had to remove them, demolish part of the concrete (which could have been damaged by the improperly installed railings), replace the concrete, and reinstall the railings. they did this by grouping us into […]