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in response to a copy of this email which i received this evening, i finally had enough of the forwarded, no research, slanderous, nasty and small-minded political crap (think: HILLARY IS GOING TO MAKE US ALL LESBIAN COMMIES!!!!!!!) that my family sees fit to fling at me. it’s rare for me to fling back Christian […]

i have two words to say in reponse to this opinion piece: HELL YES. Given the multiple ineptitudes of Rod Blagojevich — his reckless financial stewardship, his dictatorial antics, his penchant for creating political enemies — should citizens create a new way to terminate a chief executive who won’t, or can’t, do his job? … […]

way to go!

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hey, al gore, you still rule! congrats on the nobel peace prize! love ya!


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Hey, what a shocker! Da Mare is on board with Blago’s ridiculous cash handout! You know, it’s a sad day when I have to side with Judy Baar Topinka, but … for pete’s sake, people. The state is flat broke. Where is this money coming from? Is there a magical transit leprechaun pot of gold […]

this drives me absolutely up the wall. it’s so ridiculously simple, and yet people cannot grasp this — and their failure actually contradicts what they are actually trying to do. people. it’s not hard: WHEN YOU DISPLAY THE UNITED STATES FLAG ON A VEHICLE, SUCH AS AN AUTOMOBILE, THE UNION (that’s the blue part) GOES […]