i have two words to say in reponse to this opinion piece: HELL YES.

Given the multiple ineptitudes of Rod Blagojevich — his reckless financial stewardship, his dictatorial antics, his penchant for creating political enemies — should citizens create a new way to terminate a chief executive who won’t, or can’t, do his job?

The Blagojevich experience suggests that the answer is yes, Illinois should write a recall mechanism into its constitution. Having endured the Blagojevich era, we believe voters never should have to endure another one like it. They instead should have the power to recall an inept governor.

i have voted on a number of occasions, and on some of them have later decided that i chose poorly (or at best, the better choice was still an idiot). but i have never regretted a vote so much as i do my vote for G-Rod. ugh! at this point, i think the best thing blago can do for illinois is bond democrats, republicans, and independents in a spirit of togetherness as we all gather to bitch about the ways that we want him to quit his job and get the hell out of our hair.


This is in response to your opinion piece of 28 October entitled “Tell us what you think: Removing a governor.”

From your op-ed pages to God’s ears. The best thing Blago has done for me for the past few years is given me some common ground with people with whose politics I otherwise often disagree — we can gather at the coffee machine at work and all bask in the togetherness of wishing he would quit playing “I’m the fun governor!” at our expense. I feel that he has actively worked to make my life worse, with his hamfisted attempts to control the state (with special appreciation for how he’s handled the ongoing RTA/CTA/Metra problems), and the worst part about it is that he hasn’t even made anyone else’s life better in return for my inconvenience; he’s an equal-opportunity clown. He has all the subtlety and governance skill of a hyper two year old, only we don’t have the power to send him to his room so he’ll quit breaking our stuff. I long for the days when the most irritating thing about our governor was his slight tendency to engage in illegal funding schemes.

In other words: Yes, yes, we need a recall clause!

Sabrina L Downard
Wicker Park, Chicago
847 xxx xxxx (mobile)