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my mouth hurts. it’s very strange, but it feels like … i feel gravity tugging down on my jaw. walking jostles my jaw, thus hurts. it’s more strange and weird than explicitly painful (though it does wear me down over time). overall, i’m not really regretting coming to work today, but i would have been […]

yes, but …

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Platform The standards-based, open multi-service IP Unity Mereon platform features a number of advantages over traditional solutions. It is designed to accelerate profitability, dramatically shorten time-to-market, and significantly increase ROI. Our network-agnostic architecture reduces risk by balancing Capex/Opex with revenue generation, offers bridge-blended networks (IP/TDM) that eliminate capital stranding, and is ideal for converged networks […]

i mean, it’s not that i didn’t already know that you were the evil empire and all, but seriously, it’s totally not cool of you to lie to my DSL provider and tell them you can provision me because i’m only 11,000 feet from the central office, and then after a month of dicking me […]

while getting ready for work today, i was bored of jeans and felt like wearing a skirt, so i ended up wearing my happy black full skirt (the kind that twirls and is lots of fun to wear, but which is sensibly lined with a pencil skirt so i don’t need to run around being […]

i love printf()!

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printf “%5d %8s\n” $val1 $val2 FORMATTED PRINTING ROCKS MY WORLD.