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OH NOES!!!!!11!1!!!!one!!1!1!! A Day Without Facebook. i particularly like the line about how it is impossible either not to stalk, or not to be stalked, with the new feature addition. ummmmm…. just an idea, y’all, but how about … if you don’t want the intimate details of your life broadcast to everyone on the Internet, […]


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so the other day i got my copy of the lopsa September Memo to Members, which mentioned the Ohio LinuxFest, which is a one-day conference in columbus on 30 september. naturally, i thought, hey! i know people there! i should go to ohio. whether or not it will turn out to be terribly useful is […]

i love find.

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find(1) is the third gear of unix. it deserves a poem. perhaps later, when i’m not quite so swamped that i’m resorting to using find a lot.

i have grown fond of the opening and closing bell ringings on CNBC. it’s a bunch of grown people standing around applauding themselves. i call it the “hooray! we all came to work today!” festivities. hooray!! everyone made it to work today! and it’s a monday so it was extra hard!! hooray!!!!! ding ding ding […]

ohhh, yeeeaah

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niqui loves herself some insomnia, yeah. that’s good times! am doing the regularly-scheduled-2:15-AM-wake-up thing again. v. irritating. it’s like, what, it’s not enough to not sleep, now it has to happen on a schedule? (why does my mental voice, when writing remarks like that, sound like such a yenta? oy!) in other news: started working […]