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ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘oh noes!’ at line 1. yes, that’s right kids, i am in MySQL DBA class. all week. today is backups day: THERE IS NO END TO THE […]

so, i had a really shitty day at work today. first of all, there was a crap meeting on friday that had me all stressed out so that i basically didn’t sleep sunday night. then i went in, and things kept going wrong. since customer service means never having to say you’re not sorry, i […]

so my little lark (“i think i’m going to take shop class! this will be awesome! and, ooh, only $72 a credit hour!”) is turning out to be more expensive than i had anticipated. first of all, yes, it is $72 per credit hour for four credit hours — $288. plus a $50 student activity […]

happy birthday to me!

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i went back to truman to deal with placement exam waivers and takings (have college english comp credit; have no math credit == sadly, must take the math exam) and register for class. i shocked the hell out of myself by remembering enough weird and useless algebra junk to actually test into for-credit math courses […]

From: (admissions) To: me Subject: Welcome to Truman College Congratulations, you have been accepted to Truman College! All new students are required to take our placement exam. However, you indicated on your application that you have previous college experience. If you have successfully completed a college level Math and a college level English course, you […]