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so i decided to go back to school and finish up my degree. which is really not so much finishing as it is doing, since i’ve only got about 35 credit hours to my name so far, of 120. after spending a bunch of quality time doing some research, the plan i’ve tentatively decided on […]

so one of my long term goals has been for quite some time to spend time in the uk — pick up and move there. of course part of that means getting a job, since i am not independently wealthy, and getting a job means getting a visa. they’ve redone their visa program and now […]

je tue le temps

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so this evening after work i meandered up to 810 N Dearborn and fait l’examen, and now i’ve managed to get myself all registered for classes at the Alliance Française de Chicago. so starting next week, twice a week, i’ll go wear a beret and smoke gauloises and make snooty remarks about the english. and […]

i have ten thousand things to accomplish in the next 24 hours. they are NOT HELPED by my inkjet printer suddenly deciding it has to be fed cardstock one page at a time. or my lack of a hole punch and having to run to staples. or having not yet done my homework for class. […]


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i got an A+, 100% on my auto shop midterm!!!!! I AM TEH R0X0R! I R0X0R Y0UR C4RZ 50X0RZ!!!!!!!!!1!!1!11!!!!!!!11!