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What price dreams?

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so i’ve been stalking teh intarwebs lately for cars. specifically: car. a 1973 Ford Mach 1 Mustang fastback, preferably with a 351-Windsor, preferably a manual transmission, preferably driveable, preferences in that order. i want to replace the mustang that burned, but if i got one in a better condition than the old one (and/or with […]

i’ve been thinking a lot about what to write in my obligatory year’s-end round-up post, folks, i really have. considering for weeks which topics i thought were noteworthy, pondering how to phrase things. i wrote a lengthy draft post that i was polishing up, and then it came to me, literally while fetching a glass […]

so, earlier today

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i was idly reading the amazon reviews for the new scissor sisters album ta dah! earlier today, while fetching the link to put them in my little featured fangirling sidebar thingy, and one of them noted something along the lines of: “saying that you don’t like scissor sisters is like saying you don’t like fun.” […]

it all began in the fifth grade, with an obligatory st. valentine’s day card — undoubtedly bearing the countenance of some cartoon character — from melissa weinstein: To: Sabrina Downward i could have forgiven that transgression, and the thousand that followed it, had it not become so ridiculously common. Caller: Hello, is Miz Downward there? […]

making up

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sometimes, the hardest part about making up with a friend after a fight can be what he tells you about yourself that you don’t want to believe — complimentary things, i mean. i wish i could believe that i’m somehow as cool, in ways that transcend the shallowly physical, as my friends make me feel […]