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<twork> well, /me is white trash. <niqui> are you? but i don’t think i’ve ever even seen you with a beer can in a cosy. * twork is *totally* white trash, though /me tries to cover it up. <twork> you can take the boy out of the trailer park… * niqui, on the other hand, […]

so yesterday, all day, i was doing the next best thing to actually stalking a meterologist from the national weather service: i was obsessively checking the forecast and, especially, the radar. because, you see, they had said it was going to rain… and that the rain would be a part of thunderstorms, caused by a […]

one of my favorite musical sounds ever is funk bass guitar. i mean, i love guitars, i love percussion and a nice throbbing bass, but really, funk bass is one of the best developments ever. it gets in you and if you don’t at least want to bop your head along you are sincerely broken […]

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Taking the green line, transfering to blue at clark/lake–it felt so odd; I realized I hadn’t taken that particular escalator route since, at least, it’s gotta be 1996, commuting to InterAccess via blue to green.. and it’s precisely the same, except for the ipod ads. odd. also odd that my own obligatory ipod chose that […]

as you can tell pretty much just by looking at me, i’ve never been one of those people who just exercise because it’s fun. i engage in specific activities which i enjoy, and if they happen to involve physical exertion — swimming, biking, yoga — well, fabulous, but that’s not really the point. (well, actually, […]