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way to go!

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hey, al gore, you still rule! congrats on the nobel peace prize! love ya!


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Dear IRS: In a year that you have collected $2,120,000,000,000 ($2.12 trillion), “the most revenue any government in the history of the world has ever collected” … I don’t care if the government overspent its income by another $150bn: I WANT MY 2006 REFUND BACK, ALREADY! crankily, –sabrina

this drives me absolutely up the wall. it’s so ridiculously simple, and yet people cannot grasp this — and their failure actually contradicts what they are actually trying to do. people. it’s not hard: WHEN YOU DISPLAY THE UNITED STATES FLAG ON A VEHICLE, SUCH AS AN AUTOMOBILE, THE UNION (that’s the blue part) GOES […]

Hey, guys, guess what? Everyone hates Bush! …[T]he discontent with the Bush presidency is broader and deeper among Republican lawmakers, some of whom seethe with anger. “Our members just wish this thing would be over,” said a senior House Republican who met with Bush recently. “People are tired of him.” Bush’s circle remains sealed tight, […]


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i am continually astounded by what this completely fucking corrupt republican administration has the motherfucking gall to do. HE LIED. HE GOES TO JAIL!