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Buying a new bed. i want to get a new one, since i currently sleep on a 12 year old futon and sometimes my back hurts when i wake up (and stays that way all day). actually, that happens a lot. there was a lot of soul searching about whether to get a new futon […]

The Cutting Edge. i don’t care. I DON’T CARE. also, I DON’T EVEN WANT TO HEAR IT, MISTER MOCK MY INNER TWELVE YEAR OLD WHO LOVES ICE SKATING (and who thinks d.b. sweeney is cute). so there. TOE PICK! Maximum Overdrive. look, sometimes you want to see an alien comet take over a bunch of […]

Day 0: smoke the last cigarette in your pack. decide more or less spontaneously just not to buy any more. go about your life more or less normally. Day 1: become mildly twitchy, but mostly okay. congratulate yourself on how well you are doing. Day 2: snarl at anyone who breathes on you. attempt to […]

i think that there is no meal that cannot be improved by adding avocado. geographically speaking, i’d be much closer to the south american coffee supply, so i’d have fresher and thus tastier coffees to choose from. as a political fangirl, i’d have tons of material to entertain me. i know many important words in […]

Steely Dan The Jackson 5 any 80s pop greatest hits compilations you happen to have on hand Kaiser Chiefs Barenaked Ladies