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killing an evening talking politics and movies with the locals at the Duke of Wellington pub, in Brighton, England, UK (sorry, i’ve still yet to watch Halloween) driving from rusk, TX to Austin on a summer evening, singing along with Alice Cooper and zooming down two lane highways wandering around london alone at night with […]


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i used to have only two rules for suicide, developed when one day i was riding metra to work one day and we were … “unexpectedly delayed.”    1. Don’t fuck up anyone’s commute.    2. Don’t leave a disgusting mess for the EMTs. later i added a third rule, when i had moved into […]

i’ve been meaning to post something like this for ages and ages. i’ve been in on a number of interviews and hires over the years, in various roles from gauging someone’s competence as a favor to a friend in another group, hiring a colleague, hiring a direct report, and even hiring my replacement. most of […]

Reasons I’m glad that I finally listened to what everyone was telling me, and switched to zsh: * glob includes dotfiles too. vi command-line editing in zsh is more kshlike than bashlike (and i hated bash’s behavior) multi-line command-line editing is WAY better (ability to navigate all the independent lines of a multi-linefeed commandline without […]

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1. Class continues apace. Last week, we took apart a car. Since I know these are the first questions you will all ask (and the only ones you really care about): yes, we had to use an oxyacetylene torch. No, I did not get to wield it. Alas. 2. So far, the post office in […]