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Dear $RECRUITER, 1. When I respond to your initial cold email with “Please remove me from your mailing list,” the appropriate response is not to re-send that initial cold email with certain sentences removed. You fail at responsible emailing. 2. “I have been trying to reach you for the past few days” — well, obviously […]

i feel horrible

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so, my department at work, every quarter we go out to dinner together. we always, always go to a steakhouse of some sort, and while i like steak, don’t get me wrong, sometimes i want not-steak. so i suggested japonais ages ago (i *heart* sushi), and a couple people agreed with me. we kept not […]


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in these past few months since i became a Very Large Hat, i have made it a point to read more on management topics — books, yes, but also i added several blogs to my reader, and keep up with them. one of them is Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk, a young and idealistic writer […]

this morning, i’m coming east down jackson street, and i notice, blocks ahead, a white sign floating out over the street — looking like something that’d been tethered to a building, perhaps the building next to the CBOT building, but had broken loose of its bottom tethers. the wind is blowing it around pretty well, […]


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today’s winner in the “random office commentary sweepstakes: “yeah… all kinds of [google] hits for ‘leaky cadaver truck.’” dude. i used to live at 5730 S. Drexel! eeeee!