so, my department at work, every quarter we go out to dinner together. we always, always go to a steakhouse of some sort, and while i like steak, don’t get me wrong, sometimes i want not-steak. so i suggested japonais ages ago (i *heart* sushi), and a couple people agreed with me. we kept not going to japonais and kept not going to japonais and finally we got to go to japonais. because the group is, all together, like 25 people, we had to rsvp a large group, and they made us sign a contract. the dinner was tonight. it was fucking brilliant. we had so much food and sake and yumminess there was no way we could finish it all. the only problem was… most people bailed on the evening. only 10 people wound up showing up for the dinner. and the bill was like $4500. seriously — $4500!!!! i feel awful for suggesting it, because we wound up spending so much money, because we had to sign the contract in advance. omg, so much fucking money. it was a brilliant meal and, yes, i would go back on my own, but…omfg, so fucking much money. i just feel awful.

(yes, i would feel substantively less guilty if more people had showed up, and the price per head had subsequently been less. this does not change the fact that they did not show up. and i still feel awful. omfg. people could pay rent for what we paid per person for dinner tonight! we could have just gone to oysy for less!)