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brandon mccarthy traded to the texas rangers for three prospects. oh, you’d better believe there’s more behind the jump.


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and this just illustrates more of why i so adore the scissor sisters: Out: The Orange County crowd is obviously a different kind of crowd than the hipper-than-thou crowd. [Jake] Shears: We don’t like playing for hipper-than-thou. It’s not enjoyable. It’s not a great audience to play for. Who wants to play for a bunch […]

woke up this morning to continued lack of cell phone service. alas, poor phone sitting at the bottom of niqui’s laptop bag, passing time thinking forlornly on its late, lamented network authorization. niqui is, naturally, sitting on hold with cingular. again. b., the agent at the cingular store who offered to call me friday, never […]

niqui smash!

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so, two weeks ago, my cell phone stopped working. approximate timeline: july, 2000: i get a new cell phone, from at&t wireless, since i’m dissatisfied with cellular one cingular. may, 2003: upgrade from my crappy nokia to my sony-ericsson t68i, which i love, love, love. 2004 sometime: cingular buys at&t wireless. of course. i sulk, […]

so i wanted to get some tickets for the ladytron show at metro in april. managed to finagle some friends to come with me, going to be a good time. of course the ticketmaster fees were practically half again of the face price. i hate ticketmaster so much. they have us trapped and they know […]