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a standard plea, one of a thousand, sent at a cranky moment in niqui’s life: From: Howard Dean Subject: Now more than ever Dear sabrina, Our nominee can’t build an organization to take on John McCain yet, but we canJohn McCain is raising money and campaigning across the country — he’s looking at the White […]

dear ralph nader

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sit down and shut the fuck up. sincerely, –sabrina.

Please stop confusing “principle” for “principal,” and vice-versa. Also ‘capital’ and ‘capitol.’ Especially if you hold one, are one, have some, or work in one. no love, –sabrina.

in response to a copy of this email which i received this evening, i finally had enough of the forwarded, no research, slanderous, nasty and small-minded political crap (think: HILLARY IS GOING TO MAKE US ALL LESBIAN COMMIES!!!!!!!) that my family sees fit to fling at me. it’s rare for me to fling back Christian […]

Aaron Hamilton to me — 8:57 PM (1 hour ago) I Mr Aaron Hamilton a secured loan lender,i give out loan to Business Men and women who are into Business transaction, I give out long term loan for three to five years maximum with 5% and minimum of 0.2% interest rate. In this you can […]