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having budgeted $300 (and being prepared for up to $400) for the battery replacement, i was unprepared when the total for needed repairs (turns out i was right to ask them to check my rotors and pads — being right sucks) came to $1200. that difference is, like, my whole budgeted payment towards paying off […]

so. last wednesday, had day off to go watch the sox. ran errands in the morning, down to hyde park, zipped over to the near west side, all vroom vroom in the niquimobile. parked the car at the very end of the block when i got home (street cleaning day; it was all that was […]


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i got an A+, 100% on my auto shop midterm!!!!! I AM TEH R0X0R! I R0X0R Y0UR C4RZ 50X0RZ!!!!!!!!!1!!1!11!!!!!!!11!

This used to be a Pontiac Grand Am Originally uploaded by sldownard.

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1. Class continues apace. Last week, we took apart a car. Since I know these are the first questions you will all ask (and the only ones you really care about): yes, we had to use an oxyacetylene torch. No, I did not get to wield it. Alas. 2. So far, the post office in […]