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postcards from niqui.

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the apartment search continues apace. have not actually gone so far as to venture out to look at any apartments, but i am thinking very hard about doing so. (actually, the hold up is that if i go to a place i want to be able to write a check on the spot if i […]

random bowling trip today, after i drove past waveland bowl and decided that what i really wanted to do with the afternoon was blow off my errands and go bowling instead. turns out i can still hurl a ball with stunning, mind-warping, deadly accuracy. or at least enough accuracy to squeak out 124 and a […]

hey sluggo!

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i cannot respond to your emails because jinx is blocking both my work and gmail servers due to spamcop and sorbs, respectively! short answer, fit for public broadcasting: i have been thus far unable to comply with your request due to apparently having the wrong location for the objective — either that, or naming the […]

ow, ow, ow

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my head hurts. it probably would have been advisable to have had some form of food yesterday evening, in addition to all the booze. oh, i stole a couple of popcorn shrimp things off larry’s appetizer platter, but, you know, an actual sandwich would probably have been helpful. yes, niqui sang. always in the company […]


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there’s a plan afoot to go out for karaoke friday — a good friend’s last day working on campus, boo hiss. (yeah, yeah, i’m happy she’s found something that sucks less than her current job, but still, sad to lose a friend at work.) so i’m thinking about songs i know well enough i could […]