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it’s a good thing that i really like the baudelaire pattern because it’s starting to look like i’m never going to be done knitting it. so, first: i cast on my first sock. and i knit partway up the instep, discovered a problem, and had to frog back about half. then i got going again, […]

Hiya, new SP! I’m looking forward to this exchange! I had to skip out on SP10 due to time constraints so now I’m all eager. :) Follow the jump if you’re either my SP, or just really want to read a bunch about my taste in yarn… p.s. a shortcut to the SP11 category on […]

So, I had this trunk. I wanted to store yarn in it, but I didn’t want the yarn to catch on any of its particle board walls (which were a little rough). My first plan was to line it with cedar closet paneling from Home Depot, but when I got to the store, I discovered […]

what to do today?

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found this when walking in to the living room this morning: a cat napping using a bump of my new fiber for a pillow. obviously my failure to put it away last night paid off in cute photo opportunities — at least, until i accidentally woke him up: and speaking of that fiber, it’s spinning […]


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So yeah. Today was pretty sweet. Yesterday evening I was scanning Craigslist listings for garage sales, as I really want to get an old (huge) enamel canning pot for dyeing yarn. I didn’t find one of those, but I did find two garage sales advertising yarn. So I got up early today and left the […]