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so i’ve been figuring on this for my school plan: continue taking classes at City Colleges until i earn an associate’s degree, then transfer to a 4-year school. i’ve been loosely planning on DePaul (as i mentioned previously), chiefly due to the online course availability and the experiential learning credit… meaning that i can do […]

Well, I built a contraption a couple of Sundays ago: I took a $5 Ikea tv tray table that I got about 7 years ago, which had lost a couple of screws and was unsteady on its pins, disassembled it slightly, and turned it into a knitting caddy (with a tabletop!), to keep all my […]


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bizzy, bizzy niqui of late. the two vacations, plus work, plus the triumphant! return! to skool!, which has, it turns out, most untriumphant homework (PLEASE NO MORE TRUTH TABLES PLEASE I BEG OF YOU THEY ARE TEDIOUS AND I CAN TAKE NO MORE). plus this week i actually took a little break and watched some […]


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so far: tuition and fees for two courses, 8 credit hours: $681.00 used biology textbook: $10.50 new biology lab manual: $34.01 used math textbook: $76.49 new spiral notebook: $6.99 two new folders: $0.98 packet of erasers for inevitable mistakes in math class: $1.00 spring semester 2009: $810.97 plus my social life until may. worth it?

so this weekend did not turn out according to plan. i had very specific plans for this weekend, in fact, and they did not entail doing that much work, to be perfectly honest. i was planning to (a) sack out in front of the television, and (b) work on the four remaining squares for my […]