bizzy, bizzy niqui of late. the two vacations, plus work, plus the triumphant! return! to skool!, which has, it turns out, most untriumphant homework (PLEASE NO MORE TRUTH TABLES PLEASE I BEG OF YOU THEY ARE TEDIOUS AND I CAN TAKE NO MORE). plus this week i actually took a little break and watched some teevee (I KNOW!) and mourned my rosemary plant which i killed (my friend w. who watered the plants while i was in england was worried he would kill them; turns out it took me forgetting to water them before bamfing off to las vegas to do one in) and crocheted like four whole rows on my afghan (which no, i did not get done before the end of last year, which is a bummer, but I STILL HAVE HOPE and anyways i pretty much have to finish it soon because the cats have been sleeping on it and i really want to throw it in the washer to dust off the fur before it becomes structural).

so. yes! still alive. doing more than tweeting, though not much. desk is a mess; badly behind on email, again, as usual. i’m lucky i’m keeping ahead of laundry, or else this whole thing would come to a very ignominious end indeed. oh, and i think i’m going to go on a diet because it’s been like six months since the last attempt and i feel the need to add to my things that will piss me off. except, the joke’s on the diet: i keep forgetting to buy a new battery for my scale, so it will all be a giant mystery! ha! i win by default!

okay, but now i have to go make dinner and study for my bio test on saturday (oh how i love biology class; five straight hours in a lab with NO FOOD OR DRINK which means NO COFFEE which means sabrina is a sad, sad monkey no matter how interesting the subject matter — i mean, i am already schlepping my ass places at 8:45 on a saturday morning, the coffee should not only not be prohibited, it should be PROVIDED, but i think i’m getting off topic a bit here). and i think at some point i need to photoshop myself into a picture of england or something so i have some sort of motivational thingie to keep me on track when i really want to drop out of skool because it’s a drag. … 13 WEEKS LEFT 13 WEEKS LEFT (…and then like 4 years but i am ignoring that part for now).

if i sound slightly like my head is on the verge of exploding, it’s only because it is.