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have found just enough time in the past three weeks or so to squeak out some finished projects… first off, i finished my ripple afghan. this was my very first crochet project ever, i started working on it in may of 2007. i crocheted the entire thing out of Caron Simply Soft yarn, which is […]


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bizzy, bizzy niqui of late. the two vacations, plus work, plus the triumphant! return! to skool!, which has, it turns out, most untriumphant homework (PLEASE NO MORE TRUTH TABLES PLEASE I BEG OF YOU THEY ARE TEDIOUS AND I CAN TAKE NO MORE). plus this week i actually took a little break and watched some […]

i need a couple weeks off

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ack ack ack have been running around like a headless chicken for the past little while. if i’m at home i’m doing tedious bullshit like prep work for taxes or trying to research schools or money for school, and if i’m not at home, i’m … not at home, am i?!? i actually did manage […]

so this weekend did not turn out according to plan. i had very specific plans for this weekend, in fact, and they did not entail doing that much work, to be perfectly honest. i was planning to (a) sack out in front of the television, and (b) work on the four remaining squares for my […]

slow summer

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so what has your pal niqui been up to lately, other than ditching the blog (“old and broken”) in favor of twitter (“new and still broken”)? weeelll… i went to baltimore again! fortunately this time was not like last time. saw friends. ate junk food. had impromptu (but fortunately non-critical) auto service performed when the […]