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to be perfectly honest, i am a crap student. it’s just — it is beyond me, the ability to force myself to pay attention to something i don’t care about (or find tedious, pointless, or otherwise scorn-worthy). and i am an awful procrastinator, which builds up and builds up. once i fall behind then i […]

I know, I know, I don’t keep up the blog nearly so well as I used to. I blame this ridiculous plan to go back to school. And really, I need someone to stop me from well-intentioned ideas such as “oh, I’ll take this class, and this class, for real classes… and then I’ll take […]

So. Let’s just see here. 150 pages of reading to do before next Monday’s creativity class. About 20 pages of reading before next Wednesday’s writing class, but five short (one to two page) papers, two of which are due immediately because they were actually due today but I didn’t see them on Blackboard so I […]

I cracked, yesterday. I had a pretty shit day and was not looking forward to my math class — I actually am kinda digging math class itself, but I hate the incessant whining from the whiners in my class with a blinding sort of epic, passionate hate — and I really just wanted a cup […]

i have decided that my decision to transfer to depaul, and go to college with grownups, after this semester is the right one. i am so indescribably sick of the puling, moaning whiners in my math class; if i had to take another class with people whose reaction to a foreign concept (COUNTING IN BASE […]