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friday friday friday friday friday friday friday friday (and also saturday and sunday).


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we make plans for big times, get bogged down, distracted. we make plans for good times, all neon, all surface. so kiss me before it all gets complicated— i’ve got a taste for blood.

oh my.

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that was a fine show. i very much enjoyed the new material; that was exciting, and of course there was plenty of old material to enjoy as well. i had a marvellous time, and i’m so glad i spent the money on the ticket so that i could go see them play again. i’d write […]

one of my favorite musical sounds ever is funk bass guitar. i mean, i love guitars, i love percussion and a nice throbbing bass, but really, funk bass is one of the best developments ever. it gets in you and if you don’t at least want to bop your head along you are sincerely broken […]