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Angry cat

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Kiyoshi is cowering in his kitty carrier, being very bitter about everything in general, and me in specific.


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today at petsmart, to buy a new kitty litter box (what? how else do you celebrate moving into a new apartment than with a shiny new kitty litter box?), i fell for the impulse buy: the plug-in feline anxiety pheromone calmer-downer thingie. the *$35* plug in feline calmer downer thingie. kiyoshi has been so upset […]

i’m a bad kitty mommy

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i’m completely booked all weekend — literally, i’m leaving the house at like 6:30 tomorrow morning and not getting home until late sunday. i’m only going out to the ‘burbs, but, i’m literally booked, so i’m staying in a hotel out there. so since i couldn’t take tiger with me, i had to take him […]

another day, another semi-panicked late night trip to the emergency vet. thankfully: false alarm. i had thought that tiger was acting lethargic and less-than-ideally responsive (i.e., not looking up when i whistled or called his name), and i couldn’t get him to eat at all for 4 hours after he got his insulin (next time: […]


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Hooray! Originally uploaded by sldownard. Another morning, another sock on kiyoshi’s head.