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i have ten thousand things to accomplish in the next 24 hours. they are NOT HELPED by my inkjet printer suddenly deciding it has to be fed cardstock one page at a time. or my lack of a hole punch and having to run to staples. or having not yet done my homework for class. […]

Oh my gosh, you guys

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I got my last goodie box from my Wollfee (Yarn Fairy) for SP9 yesterday (let’s hear it for the mail service, zippy as always! Yeah!) and … I am absolutely stunned by how fantastic it was! I don’t have time to post photos yet, I took some last night but I was too tired to […]

Mission: Ayarnplished

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(as usual, click through to Flickr to read the comments.) important things learned today: loopy yarns has a student discount. and I AM A STUDENT NOW. rawk. i can cast on, with even tension, 34 stitches in twisted german cast-on while walking in the tunnel transferring from the red line to blue line at jackson; […]


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I want to knit on a pair of socks. But I still haven’t found the evil sock (that I put in the punishment basket), and I don’t think I have any new sock yarns, and I don’t remember offhand which needles that sock was on but probably my wee #1s and … dangit. Maybe I’ll […]

knitterly update

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i realize it’s been forever since i’ve posted anything knittish. (i would say “knitty” but, you know, it’s taken.) so i thought it was time for an update! i saw Palette the other day and i kinda want to make it. i just don’t have any pretty handpainted rovings to spin, and furthermore, i’m not […]