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it’s done. it’s the Stepping Out Coat from Hip to Knit, made with brown sheep burly spun in prairie fire (for which i paid entirely too much from the LYS, but what the hell). i started this sweater in november. i had most of the parts done by march or so, and started sewing the […]

hmmmf. so as some of you know, i got ahold of a pattern to make starsky’s sweater (from starsky and hutch, of course!) that i was all excited about. i wrote off to Leisure Arts, the publisher, to ask — since i had had such a hard time trying to find the pattern, and i […]

perhaps what i shall do next is make up a pattern for a knitted car toy, to celebrate my car being paid off. of course, the final car payment won’t go through until tomorrow, i don’t think, but nothing says i can’t start this evening if i feel like making something up. i have indigo […]

my mouth hurts. it’s very strange, but it feels like … i feel gravity tugging down on my jaw. walking jostles my jaw, thus hurts. it’s more strange and weird than explicitly painful (though it does wear me down over time). overall, i’m not really regretting coming to work today, but i would have been […]

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