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fifty things about me

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idea shamelessly stolen from ¬†bkwyrm. i have dyed my hair semi-regularly since the fifth grade. as a result, i have learned that i look like a twerp as a blonde. i wear soft contact lenses. i used to wear gas permeables. when i switched, the lack of hard plastic support gave me astigmatism. i’m still […]

309 685 4195 – childhood home phone. 312 802 1902 – my old desk phone at wwa 3-0003 – the helpdesk phone number when i was a student employee for the ADN at UIC 312 259 4193 – my first cell phone, which i picked because the last four digits were close to my childhood […]

to do

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lease an apartment call movers, pick a date transfer electric service transfer phone service commisserate with Illinois Bell^W^WAmeritech^WSBC^WAT&T Illinois customer service rep about “what the hell is this company known as now???” confusion grieve for my lost 312 area code, even though i never ever used that phone anyways and my stupid cell phone is […]

lazing on a sunny afternoon, in the almost summertime. fifty degrees outside; going on eighty inside. packing some shit up, pruned back the basil plant a little, putting off doing laundry, pondering maybe going to working bikes to look at the selection to see if they have anything more wrist-friendly than the santa bike has […]

breaking my right pinky fingernail off incredibly short, so now it hurts every time i hit the return key. buying an album that i’d added to my iTunes shopping cart ages ago (i use my cart as a sort of wishlist/to-get list, so i have about 25-30 things in it at most times), and discovering […]