lazing on a sunny afternoon, in the almost summertime.

fifty degrees outside; going on eighty inside. packing some shit up, pruned back the basil plant a little, putting off doing laundry, pondering maybe going to working bikes to look at the selection to see if they have anything more wrist-friendly than the santa bike has been these days, pondering going up to the brown elephant to drop off some stuff i’ve been collecting to donate. setting up an rsync job to back up my home directory to my external firewire disk, so i can delete some of the music i rarely listen to from the laptop and clear up a little more space. in short, just your everyday average weekend bullshit, with an extra side of thinking about what colors to paint my new apartment. a few good things that have happened lately:

  • well, signed a lease, obviously. so the apartment search is over. that’s definitely a good thing.
  • i have been missing discs one and four from my police message in a box boxed set since i moved here. i was growing ever more depressed over that. finally, last weekend i decided to go through every single one of my jewel boxes and look to see where i had (mis)placed those CDs. finally found them both tucked into the every breath you take: the singles jewel box. (naturally i went through the jewel boxes alphabetically, i didn’t, oh, say, start with the logical place to look first.) this now means that i’m missing the every breath you take CD, but i don’t actually care about that because i have message in a box back, and that’s everything. also i’m happy because discs one and four were my favorites from that set so i was going to be extra sad if they were lost forever.
  • the weather’s been significantly less craptastic than projected. hooray for spring!
  • i have a play date for later in this week with the lovely miss anne thrope, wherein we plan to drink wine, watch bad eighties movies, and play Dance Dance Revolution like nobody’s watching (and like my living room is not floor to ceiling boxes).
  • have gotten to spend a pretty good amount of time with a bunch of friends lately. that’s always a good time. it makes me feel better about myself as a person if i can make m. laugh, even if b. [no, not that b., the other b.! curse this faux obfuscation! — uhhh, okay, if y’all post comments with your actual name, from here on out i’m not doing the stupid initial-obfuscation thing.] bill refuses to be my friend anymore once i become a filthy northsider.
  • amusingly: we have had two recent hires to upper level management that concern me. greg a., whom we stole from MIT, who is to become the senior director of the division of NSIT for which i toil; and bob z., the new president of the university. this means that my reporting structure from direct supervisor to the top now goes Bob, Bob, Greg, Greg, Bob. i find this very amusing. meet the new boss, same as the old boss!
  • vanity alert: on the advice of my hairdresser, i started treating my hair a little better (in terms of shampoo and extra conditioner TLC) a couple of months ago, and i believe that i am now reaping the rewards, as the current dye job is at least like four weeks old and is still purty. also, i have SHAMPOO COMMERCIAL SHINY HAIR. it’s all i can do to not sit in the sunshine and admire how shiny and smooth and non-frizzy and non-split-endy my hair is. lesson: always listen to your hairdresser, especially if he gives you hair tips and recommendations of some music you need to pick up in the same visit!