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james brown :(

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i am certain other people will write fine eulogies. for me, i’ll just say, i liked his records a lot. my friend rory gave me a copy of Get On the Good Foot for christmas 1995, after i listened the hell out of his copy. i’m listening to it right now. it’s still awesome. i […]

i was catching up on some of the blogs i follow, the other day, and it seems that andrew sullivan has begun some sort of search to find the “best” worst 80s video. i was lucky enough to happen to browse at just the right time to note his posting about bonnie tyler’s “Total Eclipse […]

oh dear god.

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the “let’s release any television show on DVD, no matter how bad” craze has officially gone too far:

it should go without saying to anyone who knows my many, many opinions about driving that a prominent feature in my childhood was the video game Pole Position. i would scrounge quarters any way i possibly could, and would even willingly accompany my mom to her bowling night (which was très boring to a kid, […]

oh my god

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brokeback mountain is the saddest fucking movie i have seen in a damn long time. possibly ever. it was excellent — but my god i am glad i brought kleenex. i don’t think i’m actually recovered from watching it yet. if i break out into random bursts of tears tomorrow … relax, everyone, i’m just […]