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complete insanity

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This can only end in tears. But not for about 10 months! Oh, and just for kicks:

* niqui ponders run. <niqui> the next run in the queue is a ridiculous 20 minute uninterrupted run. <niqui> like, this whole time it’s been intervals, warm up, jog walk jog walk jog, cool down <niqui> it started out with 60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, alternated for 20 minutes. the last one […]

So this weekend was the 2010 Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair. This is only about the 4th year, and it’s been a little uneven, as well as moved venues pretty much every year. This year it was at the Lake County Fairgrounds, in Libertyville and/or Grayslake, which are some of those suburbs that I […]

I am not athletic, even a little bit. I don’t think I ever really have been, even when I was swimming competitively. It’s just not really my thing. I like exercise well enough when it happens, and sometimes I actively go out and get some, but usually it’s part of a package deal with something […]

So one of my wacky plans for The Summer of Vacation was to run a 5k. This is despite the fact that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a runner. I occasionally put on running shoes and then go out, full of good intentions, and inevitably wind up limping home. It never […]