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so i have had my checking account for a long time. it used to be at wingspan bank, which was one of the all-electronic banks back 8 years ago or whatever, which was nice because i pretty much never have to go to an actual bank to do anything. i could transact whatever i needed […]

i hate ebay jerks

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i have been trying for weeks to find a used kitchen table. every weekend, i pull up ebay (among other sources) and browse and see what they have. i am of the opinion that when it comes to used things (especially common things like used formica dinettes) if something is not perfect i should let […]

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cingular is accused of forcing attws customers to upgrade (at their own cost) and degrading their service if they didn’t? you don’t say! gosh!

woke up this morning to continued lack of cell phone service. alas, poor phone sitting at the bottom of niqui’s laptop bag, passing time thinking forlornly on its late, lamented network authorization. niqui is, naturally, sitting on hold with cingular. again. b., the agent at the cingular store who offered to call me friday, never […]