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Almost a week!

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So it’s been almost a week now since I swore off buying things for a month in order to save money and also quit acquiring things. I have bought some things — I had to buy a replacement toilet handle lever thingie because the little lever that opens the flappy bit in the tank broke, […]

So a week ago I posted that I was thinking about buying nothing in April. And so I am. Buying nothing, that is. Starting tomorrow, April Fools Day (a good day to start out a goofball exercise just to see if you can), I will avoid purchasing anything, with a few exceptions: kitty litter and […]

I think I’m not going to buy anything in April. I’m going to try and go a whole month without buying anything*. No breakfast muffin on the way to work, and no books. No groceries either. Well, maybe an exemption there for the produce section; you can’t take my bananas away from me. But mostly […]

Well, I built a contraption a couple of Sundays ago: I took a $5 Ikea tv tray table that I got about 7 years ago, which had lost a couple of screws and was unsteady on its pins, disassembled it slightly, and turned it into a knitting caddy (with a tabletop!), to keep all my […]


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Rest in peace, my Conair Ion Shine 1875-watt folding hair dryer. I loved you well. (I would have loved you slightly more if you had not died in the middle of drying my hair on a day I was actually trying to do something with my hair.) I feel sullen. Sullen, and damp.