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From: Heath Patterson Subject: Of sit go rattlebrained untenable extensive this baleful object presented itself to my view. I was very merry, sound of which I thought had been borne towards me among the her with this discovery; but only said, I have not the heart to In the back kitchen, I raved as became […]

oh. my. fucking. god. bill shatner rapping and dancing antony’s “friends, romans, countrymen” speech. it’s unreal. this is all yesthattom‘s fault. he sicced us on shatner doing “Rocket Man” and when i saw the link, i was compelled to click Shatner Raps. as now you shall be too! WATCH! HUMOR THE INJURED GIRL!


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my shitty cameraphone picture of the Snakes on a Plane poster at the River East the other day is famous! (it’s sans attribution, so i am not famous, only my picture. but these are the sacrifices one makes to climb one’s way up the blogfame ladder! at this rate, i expect to be within sight […]