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I have a bike! It is a wonderful bike that I like to ride! :) But it is winter, and cold, and snowy, and icy. And I like to not fall into snowdrifts or get hit by cars and die, so I don’t ride my bike outside in winter. :( But I found a nice […]

so one interesting — and unforeseen — aspect of my job is that the outsourced call center, sends me random calls all the time. the problem is that, when i started, i got assigned an extension that was used, at one point, for editorial feedback for the Chicago Tribune. i used to think that my […]

fried chicken dreams

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<niqui> i mean, those [dunkin’ donuts chocolate filled donuts] have got to be the single least healthy food item on the planet — even the KFC Double Down has some protein in it, somewhere, among all the fat — but i liked them <twork> didn’t the KFC DD (hm, DD, coincidence?) actually test with less […]

Mommy, why is the scary lady in the ad staring at me like she wants to eat my brains? MAKE HER STOP!

complete insanity

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This can only end in tears. But not for about 10 months! Oh, and just for kicks: