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Rachel likes girly drinks Originally uploaded by sldownard. Five drinks in, and they’re still giving us the good glassware. ETA: I feel compelled to note that Rachel was highly motivated by the potential moblogging of her bosom. In fact, an early version of this photo was vetoed due to its inadequate Rachelbosom quotient. So, please, […]


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so. scene: there i was, an average sunday afternoon at home. nothing much going on. i was, in fact, cleaning my kitchen and doing the laundry. my hair was pushed back with a plastic headband to keep it out of my face; i was wearing khakis stained with pink paint from painting my bathroom, a […]

so, earlier today

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i was idly reading the amazon reviews for the new scissor sisters album ta dah! earlier today, while fetching the link to put them in my little featured fangirling sidebar thingy, and one of them noted something along the lines of: “saying that you don’t like scissor sisters is like saying you don’t like fun.” […]

friday friday friday friday friday friday friday friday (and also saturday and sunday).

you can’t ask for a much better evening than out to listen to jazz at the shedd and ogle the fishies, followed by delicious, delicious sushi. you really just can’t.