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daily update

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new apartment = almost painted. every room’s walls are done, just leaving trim. bathroom, also almost livable now. kitchen, still a train wreck, but with potential to improve once i get the appliances pushed back into place. old apartment = still not packed. also need desperately to do laundry. oh shit. oh well. i have […]

i’ll give a prize to the first person to correctly guess the theme behind my apartment’s shiny new paintjob-to-be. (no fair guessing if i actually told you already.) also i have no idea what sort of prize, but this being me there’s a good chance it’ll be shiny of some sort. Me: Okay, I think […]

oh i am so tired

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up at 7 am, thanks to the subwoofer neighbor. out of the house by 8:30, to run by dominick’s and pick up (chips|water|soda) to keep painting volunteers refreshed. at the new place by 9:15, after carting groceries plus painting supplies up to the third floor. washed walls and trim in office (read: v. small bedroom). […]

to do

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lease an apartment call movers, pick a date transfer electric service transfer phone service commisserate with Illinois Bell^W^WAmeritech^WSBC^WAT&T Illinois customer service rep about “what the hell is this company known as now???” confusion grieve for my lost 312 area code, even though i never ever used that phone anyways and my stupid cell phone is […]

lazing on a sunny afternoon, in the almost summertime. fifty degrees outside; going on eighty inside. packing some shit up, pruned back the basil plant a little, putting off doing laundry, pondering maybe going to working bikes to look at the selection to see if they have anything more wrist-friendly than the santa bike has […]