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i mean, it’s not that i didn’t already know that you were the evil empire and all, but seriously, it’s totally not cool of you to lie to my DSL provider and tell them you can provision me because i’m only 11,000 feet from the central office, and then after a month of dicking me […]

a good omen?

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Three weeks after I move to the neighborhood, the girl at Dunkin’ Donuts knows what coffee I want on my way to work.. Awesome.


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Cat’s sacked out and comfy: I must be done moving.

boxland the next

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Think we’re close to wrapping this up. Next task: unearth a freaking *chair*.

T minus eight minutes

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yikes. everything’s packed up, shoved into boxes and taped within an inch of its life. cats are locked in the bathroom (and they are VERY unhappy about that). and i’m off to go get the freight elevator keys and await the movers showing up. wish me luck!