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so, the other day i began to suffer from an embarassment of riches: the post office suddenly found themselves with packages for me. seven of them, to be precise: first, the replacement package for pirate dan’s present was delivered. then days later followed pickup slips for two ebay auctions, some DVDs from .ca, some DVDs […]

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1. Class continues apace. Last week, we took apart a car. Since I know these are the first questions you will all ask (and the only ones you really care about): yes, we had to use an oxyacetylene torch. No, I did not get to wield it. Alas. 2. So far, the post office in […]

in between liberating my car from the bastardry of The Man and being trapped in subway tunnels (p.s. my (first) train home friday got stopped too, in about the same spot, but for only about ten minutes and they never shut off the motors, thankfully), i am still up to no good. i promised Pirate […]


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parcel post to $farawayland is expensive! somehow i always manage to forget that in between one box and the next. (of course it would probably help if i wasn’t mailing off twelve pound boxes.) also, i inquired today: the slow boat (surface mail) takes six to eight WEEKS to arrive. but it has fantastic sea […]

i have one sock of the socks i started two weeks ago (almost) done. it seems like the end of socks takes me forever — mostly because i get mostly done with the instep and then i knit two rows and try it on to see if i’m done yet, knit two more rows, try […]